Stream Ending 08-06-19

Stream Ending 08-06-10

Here’s the newest, and last, radio stream! Enjoy ❤

Here are the relevant playlists: August 6th, July 23rd, and June 4th.


~ by Nicole on August 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Stream Ending 08-06-19”

  1. glad you could post this – i missed the first half hour! it was like old home week hearing a lot of these. PJ Harvey has a sad that she was left out, tho. 😉

    • Ol’ home week indeed. And aww, tear 😉 Throw another couple tears in there for fIREHOSE, Edith Frost, HNIA, VU…uh oh, cryfest! Just never enough time for all the wonderful music out there; made me sad but I figured I would just do a regular show. Another tear moment is someone called the final night enjoying the show for the first time and I had to let them know it was my final one – wish I had gotten on Fridays many moons ago…oh well.

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