The End

El Fin

It’s been a wonderful trip everyone! Thanks for your support and friendship through music ❤ Join us tonight for the final show, 7 to 9pm, streaming on the web here or on the dial at 88.1/90.7/91.5 FM KZYX&Z.


Brite Futures – Dog Eared Summer – Summer Singles – 2010

Saint Etienne – Split Screen – Good Humor – 1998
Yo La Tengo – Mr. Tough – I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass – 2006
Bill Wells Octet – Wiltz – You Don’t Need Darkness To Do What You Think Is Right – 2007
Blair – Hello Halo – Daytrotter Session 08/03/2010
Kurt Vile – Blackberry Song – Childish Prodigy – 2009

Modest Mouse – Lounge (Closing Time) – The Lonesome Crowded West – 1997
Neutral Milk Hotel – Two-Headed Boy – In The Aeroplane Over The Sea – 1998
The Magnetic Fields – Love Is Lighter Than Air – Get Lost – 1995
M. Ward – Afterword/Rag – Post-War – 2006

Night Beats – H-Bomb – H-Bomb EP
Narrator – All The Tired Horses – All That To The Wall – 2007
Smog – Let’s Move To The Country (live)
Chad VanGaalen – Willow Tree – Insound presents Seaport Music Sampler – 2008

Elliott Smith – A Fond Farewell – From A Basement On The Hill – 2004
Cat Power – Sea Of Love – The Covers Record – 2000
Yo La Tengo – Periodically Triple Or Double – Popular Songs – 2009
Camera Obscura – Let’s Get Out Of This Country – Let’s Get Out Of This Country – 2006

The Unicorns – I Don’t Wanna Die – Who Will Cut Our Hair When We’re Gone? – 2004
Dr. Dog – The Old Days – Worn & Grazed: A Park the Van Sampler – 2009
The Beatles – All I’ve Got To Do – Meet The Beatles! – 1964
Sebadoh – Got It – Bakesale – 1994

*Under The Covers*
The Ukrainians – Batyar (Bigmouth Strikes Again) – Istoriya – 2004
The Smiths – Bigmouth Strikes Again (live) – Rank – 1988
Baby – Miss You – Demos
The Rolling Stones – Miss You – Some Girls – 1978

The Flying Burrito Bothers – Hot Burrito #2 – Sacred Hearts and Fallen Angels: The Gram Parsons Anthology – 1969
Pixies – Wave of Mutilation – At The BBC – 1989
The Replacements – I Will Dare – Let It Be – 1984
Big Star – Thank You Friends – Third/Sister Lovers – 1975

Big thanks to everyone for listening, and those of you who took the time to comment and call! Loved the call appreciating that I play music from the 21st station on the folk/classical channel, and another appreciating the relevance of some of the song choices – so great that people are engaged! A breath of fresh air, aww! I’ve really enjoyed listening to music with you, and putting together a mix of music that hopefully introduced folks to some music they might not have heard before. It’s been your interest and support that makes us listener-powered community radio here at KZYX&Z ❤

One deer in the broad daylight coming over. And I'm listening to the show after mine, The Latin Alternative, play some awesome covers! Perfect end to a wonderful evening.


~ by Nicole on August 6, 2010.

12 Responses to “The End”

  1. anticipation! hope you have time to squeeze in everything you want.

  2. eek – sorry its ‘el fin’! too much to do?

    • Thanks, Annie, it’s not without regret for me as well – it’s been a great five years! Yes, with my new job that’s already sent me a bunch of prep work and getting ready to leave, I’m slowly wrapping up what I’ve been doing here.

      I appreciate your support, thanks!

  3. Bummer! Where ya going?

  4. Enjoy your next chapter. Particulary enjoyed Cat Power.

  5. a wonderful last Amplified Mixtape, and thanks for the very apropos “Let’s Get Out Of This Country” – a fitting and fond farewell. (and yes, the Elliot Smith song, too!). I will miss you in your radio incarnation. Has it been five years?!

  6. Belated thanks for a great final show, which left me with lots to listen for (in fact the very next day I watched a movie that featured a generous dollop of St. Etienne in the soundtrack). “I Will Dare” is somehow the mix-tapiest song ever in my estimation, so it was lovely to hear in your send-off. Good luck & happy trails.

    • Isn’t it strange and wonderful how songs/bands tend to start showing up once we’ve heard them. And I definitely agree on The Replacements, they always belong on a mix tape, and in fact, one of my favorite music exchanges is done on a ‘mats internet mailing list, Skyway.

      Thanks for listening, take care!

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