Creation Singles 1 to 50

This playlist of the first 50 singles on Creation Records has made for a very fine afternoon. Listen and enjoy. Thanks Scott!


~ by Nicole on March 23, 2010.

8 Responses to “Creation Singles 1 to 50”

  1. i used to have a theory that all of the Creation bands were just Alan McGee and a few of his friends recording under different names. 🙂 still think Revolving Paint Dream and Biff Bang Pow! were the same.

    • Definitely seems to have that incestuous family thing going on – so-and-so of this band is also in this band thing. I’m really liking this playlist!! Lotsa bands you’ve put on mixes with some new favorites for me. I can’t remember if you’ve put The Bodines’ God Bless on anything but man, I super like that one.

  2. I have that 45! and I don’t keep many. Most of their early bands puttered out once they got around to making whole albums (i don’t remember ever hearing a full album from the Bodines), but they were great for a song or two. Jasmine Minks’ “Cold Heart” is one of my faves, also the one single from the Moodists. of course, the Moodists disbanded right after that.

    • Nice! The Jasmine Minks were another one I liked. I can understand the puttering out before a whole album – at least we got some awesome songs rather than none. Pretty intersting-sounding history of the label too from what I can tell on Wikipedia. And I look forward to checking out those videos below, gracias 🙂

  3. talking about the Bodines got me thinking about June Brides, Aztec Camera and Heavenly.

    oh god, bodines rehearsal. looking like a younger Echo and the Bunnymen.

    • Love bassline to the June Brides song and the guy dancing in the crowd; great up-beat Aztec Camera with some cool dude sunglasses there :D; perfect jangle on the Heavenly, just heavenly; and that Bodines, I just love that song, neat to see em do it, thx for the morning music ❤

  4. getting out of hand now – posted 51-75 and some reshuffled mixes (incl their disco phase!)

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